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✔️️ FAST & EASY FIELD OR RANGE CLEANING! DESIGNED WITH A SERIES of built-in bristles, the GFT rope cleaner combines all the cleaning processes into one simple step, effectively cleaning your bore in a single pass.

✔️ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PACKABLE, great for those quick cleans.
✔️ INITIAL FLOSS AREA BRUSHES the action then removes loose grit and debris in the bore prior to the main scrubbing.

✔️ THE MAIN FLOSS, with 160 times more floss than a standard cleaning patch, safely super-scrubs the bore to a mirror-like finish.

✔️ SIZE MARKED on the brass weight of the pull cord.


.30 Cal. / .308 Cal. / 7.62mm Rifle Pull Through Rope Cleaner

SKU: 709779906178
  • RC-30R

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